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Past events

4 August 2022

Nexters announces results for the first quarter 2022 and proposes changes to the board of directors

12 July 2022

Nexters announced changes to operations in Russia

29 June 2022

Nexters announces changes to its headcount

30 March 2022

Nexters announces preliminary financial and operational results for fourth quarter and full year 2021

27 January 2022

Nexters enters agreements to acquire three gaming companies investing $100 million to expand in midcore genres

30 November 2021

Nexters launches Island Questaway, a new adventure game, to increase casual gaming share

17 November 2021

Nexters Continues to Demonstrate Substantial Growth in Q3 2021

11 November 2021

Nexters Inc to Announce Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results on November 17, 2021

29 October 2021

Nexters strengthens its platform diversification with Throne Rush web release

29 September 2021

Nexters to Boost Independent Game Developers

22 September 2021

Nexters Shows Record High Bookings and Revenue in Q2 and First Half of 2021

17 September 2021

Nexters Inc to Announce Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results on September 22, 2021

27 August 2021

Nexters and Kismet Acquisition One Corp Complete Business Combination; Shares Will Begin Trading as “GDEV” on Nasdaq

19 August 2021

Kismet Acquisition One Corp Shareholders Approve Business Combination with Nexters

28 July 2021

Nexters officially releases Chibi Island, a new farm and adventure mobile game, after successful soft launch

19 July 2021

Nexters reports 40% bookings growth in Q2 2021, confirms PIPE investment and SPAC transaction closing timeline

1 July 2021

Nexters raises financial forecasts as it beats anticipated post-COVID-19 trends

1 February 2021

Nexters Global, the owner of blockbuster mobile game Hero Wars, to go public via merger with Kismet Acquisition One SPAC